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Hair serum

Hair serum

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Combination of oils from virgin almonds, castor, argan, coconut, sandalwood, the components are attributed properties of stimulating hair growth, reducing loss, treating dry scalp, preventing split ends and increasing shine. In addition to providing a relaxing aroma.


    Hibiscus sabdariffa extract with prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, ricinus communis seed oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, cocos nucifera oil, santalum abum wood oil, tocopherol, azadirachta indica oil, eugenia caroyphyllus leaf oil xingiber officinale root extract.

  • How to use:

    Topical use only

    Two ways to use this oil: 

    Deep hair treatment:  

    Pour oil into the palm of a  hand. Rub your hands together to spread the oil. You will apply the oil mainly with the tips of your fingers. Use the tips of your fingers to apply it  on your scalp massaging.  Make sure to cover too  the back of your head, just above your neck and behind your ears.

    Treat the length of your hair.  If you have long hair, you may be tempted to apply a generous amount of oil to your hands. But this will always cause the oil to spill. Regardless of how much hair you work with, pour a teaspoon of oil into your palm for one application and add more oil if needed. Then run your hands through the entire length of the hair.

    Let the oil work, the longer the better, and after a few hours, wash your hair normally with your shampoo.

    Daily treatment:

    Apply a moderate amount of oil to your hair for a daily treatment.  If you have particularly dry hair, you may need a daily application of oil.  Don't apply oil to your scalp every day. The scalp produces its own oils, so hair that is closest to it is usually very healthy. Applying more oil on a daily basis could hurt rather than help, causing hair at the roots to become greasy.

    Apply a small amount of oil on the length of the hair, especially on the ends,  people with long hair,  Tips can be dry and brittle. Curly hair also tends to dry out at the base, as curls and frizzy hair stop the oil from passing through the strands.

    Do not apply an excessive amount of oil to your hair if you are applying it daily. 


    The use of this oil is not recommended in people with allergies to nuts.


    50 ml

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