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Myrrh soap

Myrrh soap


This soap has been made with virgin olive oil, coconut oil and natural myrrh grain resin

Myrrh is a highly aromatic resin, with extraordinary medicinal properties, which has been used since ancient times by the medical traditions of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia.

Anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties are attributed to it, accelerating healing and disinfecting wounds and for certain skin diseases, it fights excess oil and acne.

It is a PH neutral soap that is over-greased, so we will feel that it cleanses us and at the same time nourishes our skin.


    Olea europaea oil, aqua, cocos nucifera oil, sodium hydroxide, commiphora myrra gum extract, vanilla paniflora fruit oil, santalum album oil

  • Weight

    80 grams

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